Monday, 25 January 2016

Introducing: Music Mondays

My music taste is pretty eclectic and I pride myself on my readiness to listen to almost anything at least once. I've always made an effort to immerse myself in new music and ensure that I'm in the know regarding what's fresh and exciting, particularly in the realm of alternative rock and its peppy little indie pop brother.

Over the past year or two, however, I've noticed that my efforts have dwindled and increasingly I realise that I'm listening to the same dozen bands over and over again. My days of making new monthly playlists have somehow passed me by without notice, but I'm not ready to settle down with my favourite records just yet. I know there's more out there and it's time to shake things up. 

I'm making Monday into an opportunity. No more will we have our Monday morning ritual of hiding under the duvet to stave off the coming week that little bit longer. No more will we groan in despair when we realise that there are five whole days until the weekend. Mondays are getting a dose of excitement, and I will be administering the injection. Music Mondays are here!

Every Monday I'll be recommending a single here on the blog: a track to brighten up a dreary Monday and make the week that bit newer. Last week is behind you, this week anything could happen. Listen to the track, take a deep breath. Revel in Monday's possibilities. See? It's going to work wonders for both of us.

I'll be making the single a recent one when possible, but if I'm particularly struck by something older that I feel deserves to be shared, I'll chuck that in a post instead. The idea is only that we give something new to us a chance. Let's not become set in our ways just yet!

This week's single, 25/01/16:

Glades - Drive

Tomorrow is National Australia Day and I see no better way to celebrate than by listening to Sydney alt. pop trio Glades. Karina Wykes, Cam Robertson and Joey Wenceslao released new single 'Drive' last week, a follow up to 2015 singles 'Her (Loving You)' and 'Falling Away'. It's early days for Glades but their unique poppy tracks are to be taken seriously: theirs is a sound which could well be bound for the limelight. Karina's voice has a Goulding-esque manipulation to it: its uniqueness the kind that makes the listener briefly wonder whether an effect has been added to the sound. Of course, it hasn't, but electronic instrumentals layered beneath complement it perfectly. 'Drive' makes for a great first listen to Glades and is an appetizing taste of who they are and what they have yet to come. Listen on Spotify here or on the band's Soundcloud here.


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