Monday, 22 February 2016

Music Monday

This week's single, 22/02/16:

Death Dream - Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit have been one of my favourite bands for a number of years, so when they announced the release of new single Death Dream, I was really excited. It's been three years since the release of their last album Pedestrian Verse and in that time the band have lost Gordon Skene as a member. Frontman Scott Hutchison took a break for his own solo endeavours and released an album under the name of Owl John. Now though, Frightened Rabbit are back and ready to show us what they've got, and I for one can't wait to hear fifth studio album Painting of a Panic Attack. To tide us over until its 8th April release date we have Death Dream, the first track on the forthcoming LP and the song from which it takes its name.

Death Dream is nothing you wouldn't expect from Frightened Rabbit. This is a band known for their depressive Scottish anthems, their sombreness and self-deprecating humour celebrated by their fans as it shines through in heart-rending vocals exquisitely written. The new single is no different, a track as beautifully melancholy as one should by now have come to expect from the Glasgow indie rockers. It maintains a funeral procession like hum that has been present in other tracks of theirs ('Head Rolls Off', 'Keep Yourself Warm' and 'Nitrous Gas' come to mind). Opening with the rising drone of a piano, Scott Hutchison's distinctive voice then chimes in, brimming with emotion as always. The lyrics are beautifully poignant, the second verse in particular a stand out vocal moment when Hutchison sings:

'Butterflied arms tell me that this one has flown/
Blood seems black against the skin of your porcelain back/
A still life is the last I will see of you/
A painting of a panic attack'.

It's after this verse that the echoing refrain kicks in, a repetition of 'You died in your sleep last night'. The darkness of the vocals are echoed in the track's instrumental sparsity. The single piano melody in the back is what drives Death Dream, more so than the guitar riffs. This is perhaps the most noticeable change in direction on the new single, but whether this lack of guitar fronting will be a feature throughout the whole album remains unclear. After listening to Death Dream, I'm more excited than ever to find out what Frightened Rabbit will bring us next on the new album.

Listen to the new single here, or in the Spotify player below.


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