Monday, 3 October 2016

Music Monday

This week's single, 03/10/16:

Kitchen - The Courteeners

I'm so happy to be able to talk about a Courteeners single this week. They're one of my favourite bands, they're bringing out some great new music and quite frankly, they're bloody fabulous so you should absolutely make an effort to listen to this one.

Kitchen is the third single from upcoming album Mapping the Rendezvous, the band's fifth studio album due for release on 28th October. All that we've heard from the previous singles has been pretty promising so far, The 17th in particular with its addictive kind of bassy, synthy romanticism. Kitchen differs in sound quite dramatically: the tempo has sped up for this one and it's much more guitar-driven, which is perhaps more along the lines of what fans would expect from their favourite four-piece.

What's fresh is this single's funkiness. The opening percussion is catchy as hell and its party tempo doesn't let up throughout. Upon first listen I was kind of baffled: were these riffs verging on country? It wasn't a sound I'd have expected from The Courteeners, but somehow it just works, and it works well. Lead vocalist and guitarist Liam Fray claimed that Mapping the Rendezvous will be the band's sexiest (and best!) set of songs to date, and Kitchen is the single that makes you believe it. It's swift, it's snappy, it's seductive. Listen to it on Spotify and keep an ear out for Mapping the Rendezvous if you want to hear more from The Courteeners.


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